Daily meditations 1992

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Daily meditations 1992


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You are children of the twentieth century and the twentieth century is said to be the century of progress. Yes, technological progress, that is indeed true : when it comes to technological progress human beings have indeed accomplished wonders. But what is technological progress ? A victory over physical matter. So, what do human beings do then ? Satisfied and proud of themselves for having managed to produce all kinds of equipment and products which make their lives easier, they do not realize that they then use these same technological advances to feed their lower nature, satisfying their selfish egos, laziness, sensuality and aggressive behaviour. Well, that is not progress. It is regression. Try to analyze yourself : watch how you use everything technological progress has made available and you will discover that rarely, indeed very rarely, is it used for your spiritual evolution and for the good of others. Why ? Because in order to be able to profit truly from all the riches provided for us in physical matter, we must first work on the mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Technological progress will become true progress only when people make use of this technology at the same time as trying to live in a spiritual way.

A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - Themes For Meditations

  • Das neue Jahr
  • Musik und Gesang im spirituellen Leben
  • Die Reinkarnation
  • Das geistige Erwachen - Band 1
  • Hierarchie und Evolution
  • Der Mensch im Kosmos
  • Was ist ein geistiger Meister?
  • Die menschliche und göttliche Natur in uns
  • Das Buch der göttlichen Magie
  • Im Geist und in der Wahrheit - Wie finde ich zu Gott?